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The Submissions Grinder

Listed over there on the left is probably one of the best sites I’ve ever found on the internet that helped the writer.  It’s Duotrope’s Digest.  It was a fantastic resource as it listed tons and tons of markets for writers, helping them find a home for that story about the hermaphroditic Sasquatch that no one else wants.  They were free and their data was extremely useful.  They took donations on a “pay as you like” basis.  I donated the proceeds from several stories, because, well, they helped me get stories into home.

Well, starting on 2013, they now charge a fee.  A pretty steep fee, too.  $50 a year, or you can pay $5 a month.  You can imagine the outcry from people who merely felt they were entitled to free stuff and now they would have to pay for it.  After that storm blew over, the real users of the site came out and started bringing out the real facts – the stats will now suffer because only those that pay for the service will now log their stats.  Very true.  Also, usually writers don’t have a lot of disposable cash to pay for something like that.  I know I have $50 to spend on it, but I have other things that I need more than a subscription to a site that I can use a spreadsheet and Writer’s Market from Barnes & Noble.

I won’t get into the good or bad of Duotrope going to a pay model.  I don’t care, as I will not pay for that and if you want to, please, do so.

Enter the awesome David Steffen from Diabolical Plots.

I won’t go on about this, but I will direct you to the article, and information about their attempt to create a (free) replacement for Duotrope – The Submission Grinder.


The Submissions Grinder


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  1. Looks like a fine alternative. On a related note, have you heard of Write1Sub1? Consider this your official invitation.

    January 8, 2013 at 6:11 pm

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