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How things change

About a month ago, I pulled Mist out of the office and started reading it.  In case you don’t know, Mist is the novel I wrote a few years back.  So large I broke it into three parts, because each item by itself would be the length of a novel.  Well, I was ready to get to work on it.  I think I read about two chapters in it (and damn, they need some work).  Then, something else stepped in my path.

As you know, I’m the Assistant Managing Editor at Tangent Online, a fairly large and well known short fiction review site.  I haven’t done much with the position since earning it last year, aside from maintaining it’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Well, the Managing Editor ran into a rough patch, and needed me to take over for a while.  So I’ve been learning that, in addition to various other personal life items that just kept me busy in the evenings.

Swallowing your time (and your soul) since 1996

Oh yeah, there’s also Diablo 3, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I’ve nearly gotten my hands around this editor thing, which is pretty demanding work when I have work to do.  I have a new appreciation for what solo editors have to do to keep things floating, I can say that for certain!

So I just keep on moving.  I haven’t written much in well over a year, aside from some gaming material for personal use.  I have a lot of ideas flowing and lately the itch to sit down and write something has started to grow.  I think here in a few months, once I get past a few other hurdles, I will be ready to get back into the writing game.  At the moment, I have noting even to send out to publishers, and I really need to correct that!  I have a ton of finished stories.

Well, finished as in the first draft is done.  Which means I have about 6 or 7 more revisions of each one before they are ready for sending out to people for consideration.

Mist looms, as well.  It’s time to get it right, and get it out into the world.  I just need to get this next review posted to Tangent…


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