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The New Method

I stated before that my usual process in the past consisted of a story idea that I would figure out enough to have a start, middle, and end.  I would then just sit, write, and see what happened as I went along.  This works well, but in the end it leaves me with a story that needs a lot of editing, a lot of detail added, and a lot of exposition taken care of.  It’s a lot of work, when you look at it.  I’m still working on “The Terminal,” though I think the newest draft is a lot better and is closer to a finished product.

So, I am trying new ways to work on my stories, so maybe when I sit down I can more easily write it and have it be a better first draft.  Yeah, your first draft typically is shit, but you can build from there.  If you have a good foundation, you can always rebuild.

Wait, wasn’t that the Money Pit?

Anyway, while letting “The Terminal” rest a little bit before I push onward with it, I pulled out an old idea I had a couple months back and wrote a short synopsis of the story and printed it.  Now, I will use that piece of paper to answer questions about the people and events that came before.  From there, I can figure out what happens now, and maybe, just maybe, I can have a better than average first draft.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂


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