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Approaching 2011

I never was one for making goals, because I never could look at them objectively and decide just what I could and couldn’t do with a reasonable chance of success. I would set a goal that was ludicrous and then get disheartened when I failed to meet it.  However, as a writer I feel if I need direction and focus, I need to set goals for me to strive for this year, so I can continue to make strides toward the one goal I have set for myself – becoming a published author.  As I noted in my last post, 2010 was a good year for me, overall, and I cannot complain.  So, now that 2011 is here and not going away, let me lay out what I want to accomplish.

Bear in mind, I may change these goals as the year progresses, due to changes in my real life.  One major change could be my employment status, as right now I have none, and I hope that will change sooner rather than later.

So, here we go, my list of goals for the 2011 calendar year.

  • Edit and submit (or shelf) the 10+ short stories collecting dust on the desk in the living room.
  • Revise and submit (or shelf) the several stories that I feel need it after making the rounds in 2010.
  • Write.  A lot.
  • Read.  A lot.
  • Start on my next book.
  • Continue to review work for Tangent Online.

I have nothing about selling stories or the book about Johnny.  I doubt Johnny will be marketable, as I can look back at the 57k I’ve already written and can see where I went wrong with it, but that’s nothing to keep me from finishing it and considering it for queries and such.

Those goals are attainable, and I think I can accomplish all of them in part, at the very least, before 2011 moves on.

Tomorrow I will work on taking stock of the stories I have finished, almost finished, and never started, and then determine how to proceed from there.


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