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I should have written more this week.  I only got in two good writing sessions, one for a story that I have titled “The Terminal” and the other was working on Johnny’s tale, and only came in at 1300 words or so.  So, not the best of weeks for my writing, but I guess it being the first week of my unemployment does lend itself to a good cause.  I’m learned a new routine and having to manage a lot of things at the moment like the impending holiday and making sure my unemployment benefits are in place.

I have big plans for next week, though, as I get myself into this new way of handling my day.  Maybe I can catch up some between now and the 1st of the year.

I hope to post some stats for the year once we are into 2011, and I have goals for the new year.  I had goals for 2010-

– Have three short stories on the market (bonus: sell one or more)
– Have a novel ready and out for queries/consideration (bonus: secure agent/sell the novel)

Of course, I only accomplished the first one (plus the bonus), but I realize now that the second one was a bit ambitious for me at this time.

I’m still here and still writing.

Oh shit, I’m behind on some reviews.  I should get those done next week, too. 🙂


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