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Halfway there…

So, as you can see, I’ve earned that silly little image over there to the left.  Despite me saying I wasn’t going to participate in Nano this year, I did anyway, and managed to get my last 2k words in to cross the finish line.  However, the word count validator at the Nanowrimo website didn’t agree with the word count Open Office Writer gave me.  Writer said I was at exactly 50k.  Nano said I was only at 48.8k.  Wow, that’s a huge difference.  I had to write 1300 more words before it said I had indeed crossed the finish line at 50321 words.  Yay me.  My right hand hurts, I think I sprained it trying to finish quickly. LOL

But, the novel continues!  As you can see on the counter over there, I broke the halfway mark and things are looking good.  The story is well underway, there have been battles, kidnappings, and all kinds of mayhem.  And our poor hero just wants to get back to his boring life as a cloudrunner.  Ah, the plight of a hero.

This week continues on.  I have finished a second book review and sent it to my editor at Bull Spec, and I am working on catching up on my reading stack as well as catching up on some of the smaller reviews I have outstanding with Tangent and Rise.  Once those are done, I hope to coast the rest of the year out writing my novel and reading more from the ever growing, never shrinking, threatening to swallow me “To-Read” pile.

Oh, the word count over there, 51k, is what Open Office tells me.  I think I like that number better.

So far this year I’ve written around 225k words, and I hope to add to that substantially as I continue to work on Johnny Aurora and the Stone Head.

Now, to ask a question I don’t expect an answer to.  Months ago, I sent two of my stories, “Karma” and “The Duel,” out for consideration.  “Karma,” never printed, went to one place, “The Duel,” printed in Golden Visions in October, when to an audio market that prefers reprints.  At this point, I have heard nothing from either market about my stories.  The point came where a query was acceptable to either market, and I sent one in to both.  I just want to make sure my story is somewhere waiting to be read, that is all.

But both queries have gone unanswered.  This is very frustrating, since one publication has you send it to their submissions address and I got be a confirmation email that says “Thanks for your Submission!”  I had “Query” in the subject line, like their site asks you to do.  And the other, went straight to the editor email address.  Silence.

I guess I just keep waiting.  I will wait as long as it takes, I guess.  And since neither market has a way to check my submissions without bugging someone, I can only hope its there, somewhere.

More on Friday.  See you then.

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  1. Congrats on crossing 50k no matter how it is counted. Good job!

    I hate sending out stuff, hearing nothing, following up, and still hearing nothing. Drives me nuts and there is not a thing we can do about it.


    December 6, 2010 at 1:06 pm

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