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No, I’m not doing NaNo.

Like I posted earlier in the week, November means National Novel Writing Month is upon us.  Once again, I’m not participating this year.  I’m writing a novel, sure, but I started it before the month started, and I’m motivated enough that I don’t need a month of forced writing to get me to finish it.

Speaking of the novel, as you can see, I’m almost to 30k words.  That’s a few pages shy of 100 pages when put into manuscript format.  Not too shabby, and I’m pleased with progress the story is making.  The hero is learning that there is a lot going on and he is in the middle of it all, and he’s getting angry that he’s been dragged into it.

I may have to put it aside for a few days, though.  Nothing wrong with the story, but something else cropped up.  io9, a great website for all things geek, science, and technology (among other things), is having a writing contest.  Go check it out here.  With a prize of $2000 and a chance to have someone like Paolo Bacigalupi read something I wrote, it would be stupid for me not to try.  So, upon reading about it yesterday, I took to the internet to research a few ideas.  I feel into a wiki-hole for about an hour or so reading up about the sun and the solar system and deep space probes and all that.  I have an idea now, and not surprisingly, it isn’t anything to do with my reading yesterday. LOL

Also this week I finally red-penned a delightful little story I wrote a while back that features little brass spiders that dig into your skull and take over your mind.  I hope to have it ready for submissions sometime next week or the week after.

I’m also just about finished with Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded and should be penning my review of it for Tangent soon.  Excellent book and filled with a lot of goodness.  but, wait for my full review to learn more.

Have a good weekend.


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