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National Novel Writing Month

Well, its here, and people all over are starting their march toward completing 50,000 words into a novel.  Sure, 50k words is really a novella, but that isn’t a limit, just a goal.  While I cannot understand why people would only wait until November to write their novel, I can understand that some of the more competitive people out there need that deadline looming to make sure they get something done.  Writing is about discipline, because you aren’t accountable to anyone other than yourself (unless you’re under contract, but in that case, Nano really doesn’t mean much to you).  If you can discipline yourself to write 50k words in a month, then you can write all the time.

I already have a daily goal.  I try to write every day of the week (Monday – Friday).  On those days, I have a goal of 1500 words.  That is about 5 pages of double-spaced text.  Now, if I fail to meet that goal, the remainder carries over to the next day.  So if I only write 1200 words today, the extra 300 rolls over to tomorrow, making that goal 1800 words.  As you can see, if I miss several days, the deficit can get pretty high.  If I write over my goal on a day, say 2000 words, well, that’s just gravy.  The extra writing today doesn’t alleviate my goal for tomorrow.

In order to write 50k words in the month of November, which hath 30 days, you have to be able to pound out a little shy of 1700 words, every day.  Not too bad, that’s only 200 more than I force myself to do.  However, that is weekends, too.  And don’t forget, Thanksgiving is looming out there, too.  No one said it would be easy. 🙂

Last year I was finishing my other book, Mist. Instead of a new work, I just focused on writing Part 3 of the book.  Wrote it all before the end of the month, too.  Somewhere around 87k words.  Year before that, I tried to write something called Changeling, but I never finished it, despite being able to hammer out 73k words.  I wasn’t as serious then as I am now, though.  Maybe once I’m finished with the story of Johnny Aurora I can revisit Changeling.  It started off good, but I lost interest in it.  Never a good sign. 🙂

Anyway, if you are doing Nano this year, good luck!


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