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Progress, Maps, and Servitude

Been an interesting week on the writing front.  I will just start from the beginning, as I feel it’s just easier that way.

Monday was like any other day writing.  I got in my daily goal (which is 1500 words) and then some (managed to write 3000 words).  I was cruising right along with the story of Johnny Aurora, and I finally worked out the story more –

Long ago, the world, destroyed by the people who live on it, began to eject masses of land into the sky.  These pieces of land became floating islands, and the people who managed to survive formed the new world of Aiire.  Over time, civilization returned to the floating islands, and great kingdoms and empires were formed.  One such empire, known as Amarith, is one of the largest, and without question, the most powerful.

When Johnny Aurora, captain of the airship Empyrean, unwittingly escorts an exiled princess back to the capital of Amarith, he finds himself embroiled in a power struggle between the Emperor and a fringe revolutionary group known as “The Jones'”  As he tries to avoid getting killed, he must contend with assassins, pirates, and a new threat that no one is prepared for.  Long ago, magic was part of the world, and now, it is reawakening…

And a title – Johnny Aurora and the Stone Head.

Tuesday, realizing I had a lot of place names but no idea where they were all located, I decided to make a map.  AutoREALM for the win!  Here’s the map…

Nothing fancy at the moment, but it will help me keep places and names straight.  The original map, hand drawn on paper, is funny to look at because it has a list of names on it from the book, as it is so far, as well as some notes I took while on the phone with someone.

Wednesday brought in a new sort of fun, as MG Ellington, Marketing Director and Blog Editor for Apex Book Company, mentioned she needed as assistant to help with the work she had for the book publisher.  I of course threw my name in on that, because I’m curious about such things and really want to get more experience of any kind in the publishing business.  After several emails, and some careful consideration, I have agreed to be her lackey for some tasks.  I get paid in books.  Better than I expected, which was not being paid at all. LOL

After map drawing on Tuesday and basically not feeling like writing on Wednesday, I was behind.  So on Thursday, I smashed through with a 4900 word day.

And here we are on Friday.  I got in 1800 words this morning, and as you can see over there, I broke 20k overall!  Progress!

Everyone have a good and safe weekend.  Enjoy Halloween!


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