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Another week down

Well, I’ve started a book, as I mentioned before, and I am already 10% of the way in.  Not too bad.  A good start, and I hope to maintain this momentum.  I think the characters I’ve created for it are fun and interesting, and the story itself should be entertaining as well.  At this rate, I should have it finished in a two and a half months, though I hope to be done with it before then.  It all depends on the time I have to work on it.

My mailbox has brought me a lot of goodies this week.  I have advance release copies of Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded ed. Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, The Horns of Ruin by Tim Akers, The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack by Mark Hodder, and my contributor copy of Bull Spec Issue #3.  The books are for me to read and review, and the magazine is because I have a book review printed in it. I have library books to read, too.  Guess I better get to it. Have a good weekend!


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