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A New Project

Last year, between the months of July and November, I wrote a novel.  Not just any novel, either.  It was the first of a three part Steampunk epic.  In that timeframe, I wrote 240k words.  Yep, count ’em.  240,000.  Imagine my staggering surprise when I put it in manuscript format and it numbered over 1k pages in length.  A worry crossed my mind and I took to the internet, and found, much to my dismay, that most publishers won’t consider a novel from a new writer that is over 140k words, many not wanting to go over 100-120k.  Mine was 240k.


So, I chopped it into three parts.  Now my epic trilogy was to become a series of nine!  Problem is, Book 1 was too short, only coming in at 68k words.  It’s printed and sitting on my dining room table.  One day I will break it out and start working on it again.  But, a part of me doesn’t want to break that book up, so maybe it needs to wait.  Book 1 not only needs editing, but it also needs at least another 12k words added to it to get it to “novel length.”

Over the weekend, while reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin, I came to find that the style of the book fit my needs.  First person perspective, the main character telling the story and when she reaches a point where something needed to be explained, she dropped into an aside and explained the world some, or something from her past, and then once we knew enough, she continued with the story.  A little while later, I encountered an article about Cowboy Bebop and my head started spinning with ideas.  Finally, after reading Jimmy Zangwow’s Out-of-This-World Moon-Pie Adventure by Tony DiTerlizzi to my son before bed, I had a first line in my head, which I typed into a file as soon as I sat down at my computer.

My name is Johnny Aurora, captain of the airship Empyrean.  I’m in jail.

Thus was born Johnny Aurora.  His adventure started this week.  That meter over there on the right is my progress in this story.  My goal is 100k words, give or take 5k.  It may take me a while, and I may take short breaks to write the occasional short story or book review, but it is the main project that is running through my mind at the moment.  It currently has no title, and right now is only a rough idea, but it will get fleshed out more as I get into it.


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