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Trying it on…

I have to say, I dislike the interface that Blogger gives its users.  The stats aren’t very helpful, and finding things is akin to pulling your own teeth with a pair of tweezers – you’ll eventually reach your end result, but not without first going through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.  Seriously, I’m too lazy to hunt too long for stuff before the IT guru in me kicks in and says “There’s got to be an easier way to do this shit.”

So I came over here, where I knew the layout a little better.  In no time, I imported the whole mess from Blogger, found some background and header images I liked, and had a blog that looked better, ran better, and I felt more comfortable using.  Blogger tended to have pages time out a lot and tell me crap like “You’re not authorized to view this blog.”  Uhh, its my blog, why can’t I access it?

I moved over all of the old stuff, so it’s here.  The About and Publications links above replaced some stuff from the old place, but everything else should be here.  If a blog post older than this one references a site element that isn’t there, don’t hold me responsible.  Blame space aliens.

This week had a few interesting moments, like my car getting out of the shop (yay!) and me finding out (by way of a sample copy posted online) that my book review for Kage Baker’s The Bird of the River had been accepted for publication in Bull Spec #3.  Seems I may have other work incoming from there as well.  Awesome.

Writing wise, this week was a total bomb.  I worked on “Masks” some but dumped it, but I did have another idea called “In His Master’s Study” that I got about 1700 words on.  I hope I can finish that one up soon.

I have stuff to edit too.  Like the story about the brass clockwork spiders that drill into your head, or the story about a “Lifestealer,” and his encounter with another of his kind.  Thing is, I can never seem to get going on it.  You call it lazy; I call it lack of motivation. 🙂

Anyway, busy weekend ahead, and big stuff going on next week.  Have a good weekend.


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