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Another Friday

I wasn’t as productive this week as I would have liked along the writing front.  I finished “Lies” and started a new story called “Masks,” but it isn’t working out like I originally envisioned it, so I think it will get ditched and I will start over.  We’ll see how that turns out.  Attempts to do that with a story in the past resulted in me going back to the original text and working with it again.

Nothing new from the publishers that have my stories.  I have several others I need to get ready for sale, so I should probably get on those soon.

On top of this, its just been a dark and rainy and dreary week.  Not exactly inspiring when it comes to creativity.

On a fun note, you can get the October 2010 issue of Golden Visions Magazine now.  $3 for a PDF copy or $11 for a print copy.  It’s packed with a lot of stories, too, including my own, so its a great deal.

Have a great weekend!


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