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Ooh, Contributor Copy…

Down there at the bottom of the page, in the footer, you can see where my work can be found at.  Right now, most of it is reviews, but I’m working on the short story stuff.  It’s all about building up a name, after all.  Anyway, you will see listed there my short story “The Duel,” which is my first piece of short fiction to be sold to anyone.

Well, while out and about doing things yesterday, I get an email from Golden Visions Magazine about where I can go to download my contributor copy of the print issue in PDF format.

I downloaded it as soon as I could and opened the document, thrilled to see my name on the cover.  Opening it up, I found my story was on page 62, and jumped right to it, and there were my own words, put to print copy.  Sure, I had seen this before when I wrote the book review for Bull Spec, but this was a story, something I created.

I found myself to be very excited, obviously.

I don’t know when they will be offering the magazine for sale just yet.  Their website still has the stuff for their last issue on it, so I bet it will get updated and be made available in October.  I will post something when you can buy it.


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