Joseph Giddings' Gear Shop


Despite being busy with work and dealing with getting my car into the shop and all that fun stuff, I did manage to get some writing done as well.

“Jack and Jill” – I was reading up on nursery rhymes for another story when I ran across this one and I asked the question “Why did Jack fall down the hill?”  While I thought about that, I ran across the entire four stanzas, and I knew I had a story.  A dark and grisly one.  I like it. 🙂

“Twelve Steps” – Originally started this one last week and I struggled with a nursery rhyme to put into it.  I finally resumed it and the story changed into something new, and I think, better.

“Lies” – New for this week.  I got the idea as The Wife™ and I caught up in season 3 of Chuck, and we see how Chuck has acquired the penultimate skill of a spy – the ability to lie convincingly enough that even the truth can seem like a lie.  Not finished yet, but already over 4k words into it.

Nothing new of late on the stories I posted about last week.  Still waiting on all of them.  The wait on “Karma” is killing me.  Slowly. LOL.

Now, I want to ask a simple question – Why are the trees out to get me?  Last week I talked about how a tree fell on my car.  This week, I have a rental car (a red HHR) while my Vue languishes in a shop across town, awaiting its $4k in repairs.  I was still parking on the same side of the lot, just in front of the smaller trees that if they fell over, they would just hit the ground and puff up some dirt on my rental.  So, Thursday afternoon, I walk out to go to another building, and I see this…

Uhh, WTF?  Did I piss in mother nature’s cornflakes? Yes, that is my rental, and that is a different tree in the same parking lot!  Needless to say, I park well away from those trees now.  If I could park in the middle of the lot I would.

Hopefully, my luck will turn around soon.  Big doins’ going on!


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