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Weekly Wrap-up (and a tree)

(Note: As I was writing this entry, a Bradford Pear tree decided that it wanted to lose half of its bulk all over the top of my Saturn Vue.  So what was supposed to be a Friday post instead turned into a Saturday post!)

I think I will try to make a regular post on Fridays, wrapping up the week.  I will happily put up posts for things that are interesting when they happen, but boring weeks like this one can just be summed up in one simple entry.

As far as writing goes, this week I managed to write one new story, and half-heartedly start another one.  I finally heard back from the folks that had “Harvest Moon,” only to learn they are restructuring and changing.  They held onto my submission for three months for nothing.  Would have been nice for a “Hey, yeah, we’re not going to consider anything for a year” (they are going to be closed until the middle of 2011) a few months back, you know?

But, no harm done, in the end.  I thanked them for the info and shuffled it off to another publisher.

My story, “Karma,” has been at one place for a little while now.  And I see on Duotrope that the publisher in question has read submissions submitted to them up to September 3rd.  Since I sent them my story on the 26th of August, this bodes well, but for now I’m not going to read much into it.  We will see when I get something in my email from them. 😀

So, aside from the tree falling onto my car, there really isn’t much else to tell. 🙂

Enjoy the photo. LOL


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