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Another Story Hits the Market

Emailed “Goliath,” an alt-history/steampunk short story, off to its first market today.  One of my favorite markets, too.  While I like to think they will snatch it up after reading the first paragraph, I know all too well that is not likely.  But, we’ll see what happens. 🙂

I have four other stories out in the world right now (listed in no particular order) –

“Karma” (flash fiction, dark fantasy)
“Harvest Moon” (short story, dark fantasy)
“Last Man Standing” (novelette, fantasy)
“The Duel” (short story, steampunk)

“The Duel” is at a market that purchases audio rights, since I already sold the print rights to Golden Visions.  “Harvest Moon” is at a publisher that seems to have vanished from the planet, but their blog looks recently updated.  Dunno, I don’t want to give up on that one just yet.

I also have another book review awaiting approval.  Just so much going on!


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